Imagine a world where everyone is happy at work
I am Alvah S. Parker (asparker) and this is my vision.

I help my clients find the spark within that propels them toward a meaningful career
so they can be happy at work. Clients call me A Sparker.

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How to a avoid choking under pressure

How to a avoid choking under pressure

Sian Beilock gave these tips on the PBS program "Hidden Brain" to avoid choking under pressure. Use these tips when you are feeling anxious about your performance to avoid choking under pressure.

In Memory of my mother

In Memory of my mother

As many of you know my mother passed away on August 2, 2021. I took care of her for 10...

Woman working in home office

How persistence beat a negative mindset.

I knew I was going to need another one and already had a new printer in my office. I just procrastinated installing it because I knew it would take me a while to figure out how to do it. Time I thought I couldn’t spare.

Got a vision? 10 ways to create one.

Whether you work for someone, have a business or are looking for a job, you need a mental picture of where you are headed – your vision. It should excite you.