Happy At Work – Career Transition Coaching

Imagine a country where everyone is happy at work.

Are you happy at work?

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?

  • I am going through the motions but I’m not feeling the love at work now. I get no job satisfaction.
  • My best skills and strengths are not being used in my work. Maybe I need a career change.
  • I feel so unappreciated by my manager and/or my team.
  • I feel sick to my stomach every Monday morning.
  • This job does not give me the ability to grow.

If you have said one of these statements, you were not happy at work at that time.  Does it happen frequently? Are there other statements you say that indicate dissatisfaction with your current job?  I have created a list of statements clients have said about their work when they were unhappy.  You can get a copy of the list by filling in this form. Score yourself at the end of the statement list to find your level of frustration.

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