Imagine a world where everyone is happy at work
I am Alvah S. Parker (asparker) and this is my vision.

I help my clients find the spark within that propels them toward a meaningful career
so they can be happy at work. Clients call me A Sparker.

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The Power of Fans

The Power of Fans

Years ago, I had a good friend who loved to play tennis.  Al wasn’t a tennis star.  He just loved...

10 Zoom Tips

10 Zoom Tips

It seems like at least once a day I am on a Zoom call. Even after this quarantine is over we will be using Zoom or other video conferencing services more frequently. Here are 10 tips based on my experience.

Business in the Time of the Corona Virus

Sometimes during challenging times like the current corona virus pandemic, something you had been wishing for happens. You are feeling stressed by the virus and its effect on your family. Do you take advantage of the new opportunity or do you just let it go? My client grabbed it!

How to keep cheerful during the Coronavirus epidemic

How to keep cheerful during the Coronavirus epidemic

When you are isolated from your friends, you can feel sad and even depressed.  There is good evidence that if...