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1. What is most important to you?  Receive a values assessment when you sign up for my newsletter list . The assessment will help you to identify what is most important to you (your values). If your work does not align with your values, you will feel uncomfortable.

Once a month around the 9th I publish a top ten list for my newsletter.  Below are a few sample articles to read:

List 1:   What Makes Me Happy at Work?

List 2:   Ten Ways to Avoid Job Burnout and Be Happy At Work

Once a month around the 23rd I publish an article for my newsletter.  Below are links to articles.

Article 1: 60 Hour Work Week  – Can You Survive it?

Article 2: Too Much On My Plate

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2. How unhappy at work are you? Sign up for the  happy at work assessment.  See if any of these statements sound like you.  Fill in this form to get your assessment.

3. Hate your job? Try the Now What? quiz.  This quiz is designed for those stuck in a job they hate. The Assessment will identify the blocks that keep you stuck in your job. Are you ready to admit you feel stuck?  Request the Now What? Quiz form to get the quiz that will identify what you need to work on so you can figure out your next career move.

4. Ready for a coachFor those who have completed one of the three assessments above (Values, How unhappy are you?, Now What? Quiz) a complimentary coaching session (30 minutes) to review assessment. You may ask questions about the assessment or set a goal for the outcome of the session. I’ll help you by answering your questions or asking you questions. Request a free 30 minute coaching session.

5. Not sure why you would need a coach? Request your copy of 10 Reasons to Hire a Coach in email.

6. Are You Ready for A Coach? Request your copy of the Coachability Index to determine your readiness for coaching.