What Makes ME Happy At Work?

Waking up every day excited and happy to go to work has always been a goal for me.  Some jobs were like that for me and others were not.  I remember once literally dragging myself to my job because it was so stressful.  It was easier for me to write this list when I thought about what I hated about that job.  Knowing your requirements for a great job will help you to define your next move or make your current job better.

What makes you happy at work?  I’d love to know the answer to that question.  Here is a list of my answers to the question.  Are yours the same or different?  Please put a comment on my blog.

  1. I am happiest at work when I am doing the work I love and work that I have a deep interest in.  I’ve always enjoyed helping people reach a goal and I am especially happy when I can help them find meaningful and profitable work.
  2. One important part of my practice is that I want to work with clients I enjoy.  This means people who believe that it is possible to work in a way that is interesting, satisfying and profitable. They also believe I am the right person to help them find their own career sweet spot either by improving their current situation or by identifying a new career.
  3. It is also important to me to work with a team of colleagues and vendors who I respect and who respect me.  I love to share ideas with others and learn new ways of working with them.
  4. It is very important to me that my clients and newsletter readers exchange their ideas and opinions with me.  I have learned a great deal from my clients and readers.  I am happiest when we are having a dialogue even when we disagree.
  5. Since I am a continuous learner I want work that allows me to take classes, workshops and webinars that help to increase my knowledge.  Right now I am studying marketing with Robert Middleton.
  6. Reading for my work is also important to me.  My favorite titles are business books like Outliers by Malcom Gladwell or Drive by Daniel Pink.  I also read Business Week and The Kiplinger Letter.
  7. While I am happy at work I also have other parts of my life that I enjoy and want to be able to engage in.  This includes spending time with family and friends, working out, listening to music, singing and going to the theater and concerts.  I am happiest when I know I can finish my work in a timely way so I can participate in other activities that I enjoy.
  8. Being over committed is something I hate so I am happiest when I can see my way clear to doing everything I’ve promised on or before it is due.  I love planning my work so I can see I can comfortably finish it all.
  9. To be really happy at my work I need to feel I am paid what I am worth.  I need to know people value me and what I do for them.  Adequate payment for my services is the way that they do that.
  10. Success for me is measured by positive feedback from clients and readers who tell me what they have learned from me and how they have applied that learning.  I love the feeling of satisfaction when I know that one more person is finding meaning and satisfaction in the work that he/she does.

Since I am my own boss I have not described a great boss employee relationship.  Perhaps for some of you a good boss is a requirement to be happy at work.  What are the attributes of a good boss?  How important is he/she to your happiness at work?  Please comment.


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