Ten Simple Tips to Make a Good First Impression at a Job Interview

Recently at a social gathering two business men were saying that within the first 2 minutes of a interviewing a job applicant they know whether they will hire the person.  I always cringe when I hear something like that.  That doesn’t give the job seeker much time and it doesn’t allow for error on the part of the applicant.  There is a standard they are looking for and you need to meet it.  Here are ten tips that will allow you to make a good first impression in the first 2 minutes of the interview.

  1. Be on time – That means not too early or too late.  Always arrive just a couple of minutes early.  If you get there too early the hiring manager may feel pressured.  You want the hiring manager relaxed and in a good mood when he/she meets with you. Arriving late immediately gives the impression that the interview is not important to you.
  2. Give a good handshake – If you have a weak handshake, the hiring manager is likely to think you are weak too.  Just as bad – a bone crusher handshake.  You don’t want to make the interviewer require immediate medical attention.  Practice giving a firm handshake with a friend.
  3. Wear appropriate clothing.  For most jobs that means a suit and tie for the men and a suit or dress and jacket for the women.   No matter what level job you are interviewing for your clothes should be clean and pressed.  Don’t wear your sun glasses in the interview.
  4. Be well rested – Don’t come to the interview tired.  You will not demonstrate your best self when responding to the questions.  Yawning is rude at any time during the interview and falling asleep is suicide!
  5. Go light on the perfume and after shave lotion. It is probably preferable not to wear these at all since so many people have allergies today.  If you must wear it, do not use too much.  What is appealing to you may be offensive to someone else.
  6. Leave the blue tooth earpiece in the car or at home.  You aren’t going to need it for the interview.  Shut your cell phone off during the interview.  Wearing the earpiece or having a ringing cell phone sends a message that there is something more important to you than the interview.
  7. Bring a hefty amount of enthusiasm for the company and the job.  Show your positive energy immediately.  Be upbeat, friendly and high energy. Low key people be aware.  You may appear disinterested in the job
  8. No slouching – Make sure your body is properly aligned.  Good posture and high energy give a positive confident impression to the interviewer immediately.
  9. No gum chewing – Leave the gum at home.  Chewing gum detracts from the professional image you want the hiring manager to have of you.  The gum also may prevent the hiring manager from understanding or hearing you.
  10. No complaining! – Even if the traffic is horrible getting to the interview do not complain about it.  Don’t complain about anything especially your current job, company or manager.  Complaining gives negative energy to the interview and that is hard to turn around.


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