How To Be Happy At Work – 10 tips

We’ve all had times when we feel frustrated at work.  Some may find it hard to go to the office each day.  Being unhappy at work puts a damper on life.  Chances are family members also sense that things are not right.  How can a person turn that around so that he/she is eager to meet each day and looks forward to getting to work?  Here are some tips to use to help you to be happy at work.

1. Choose to be happy. Acknowledge that you are in charge of your own happiness. Know what makes you happy and find ways to get what you need. ==>Tip: Start with your values. What is most important to you in your life? Not sure what your values are? Take the Truvalues Assessment you got when you subscribed to this newsletter. (Email me ( for another copy if you misplaced it.)

2. Honor your values – Once you know your values find a way to honor your values at least once a day in your current job. If there are only a few tasks that honor those values in this job, begin to think about finding a job that would allow you more time to work on what is most important to you.

3. Take charge of your own personal and professional development. Decide what you are going to learn next and find a way to get that done. If it is related to your current work, you may be able to get your employer to pay for training. If it is related to something you are planning for the future, pay for it yourself. You are making an investment in yourself. If you are learning you are growing professionally and personally. If you choose not to grow, you will wither in the job. Becoming an expert in some phase of your work will contribute to your happiness.

4. Manage your schedule carefully. Do not make commitments you can’t keep. Stress comes from having a jammed schedule and then failing to meet some of your commitments. Good time management systems will help you to be timelier with your work. Do not volunteer for additional projects if it will mean being late with your regular work.

5. Find a bunch of lunch buddies at work. Isolation can be depressing. Get out of your office and meet your colleagues. Use lunch time as a break in the work day and take time to get to know the people you work with.==> Tip: This is an opportunity to build your network- something that will be helpful for finding more interesting work if necessary.

6. Smile and say hello to everyone! Smiling helps make us feel happy because our brain connects smiling with being happy. If you smile at your colleagues, some will return the smile and the greeting. That feeling of community and belonging will also contribute to your happiness.

7. Stay away from people who are negative. If there are people who complain all the time about the work, the company and/or the boss, don’t spend time with them. It is easy to find fault with something or someone. To be happy you must look for what is good about the organization and the people. Keep focused on what’s right not what’s wrong. Having a positive mental story will help you to be upbeat and happy.

8. Know what is happening in the company, in your division and within your work group. There are always people who seem wired and in the know. Have a network of people like this to call when something happens that you don’t understand or are not sure about the impact.

9. Find meaning in the work you do. Look at the big picture. How are you making a contribution to the organization, your community, the world? Meaningful work and happiness have a real connection. Are you doing meaningful work?

10. Take a break. To gain perspective on your work and your life it is important to take periodic vacations. The US is a nation of workaholics. Few people take all their vacation time and many people check email and voice mail while on vacation. To have a healthy and happy relationship with work be sure to take your vacation time. You’ll come back refreshed. Vacations give you the opportunity to see the work in a whole new light.


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  • Thank you Jenny. I agree it is important to be happy all the time not just at work. As a coach and practice advisor I hear more about problems at work than problems outside of work. That is why I write specifically about being happy at work.

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