My Wish For You For the New Year

Now that 2011 is coming to an end

I want thank you for being my blog friend


It is a pleasure to write my blog for you

Your comments and ideas are appreciated too


As we begin year 2 for this blog, year 9 for Parker’s Points and 13 for Road to Success

Look for more articles and tips on ways to relieve work and job search stress.


There will also be articles on how to be more engaged in your work.

And you’ll get more tips to avoid having your boss, client or job make you go berserk.


If you have a special interest or topic you’d like explored

Please let me know about them.  You won’t be ignored!


Check my archives** and blog for a variety of articles and lists

The archives start in year 2003 so look to see what you might have missed.


My wish for you is that you have a year filled with all you desire

Whether you are looking for work, advancing your career, or ready to retire.


Happy holidays to everyone reading this today!

May you do work that is meaningful to you in every way.

**Link to my archives


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