Your Attitude Makes a Big Difference

Attitude – In seventh grade I had an experience that taught me how important attitude is.  During a speech class that I had once a week the teacher chose a topic for a speech and each of us was expected to prepare and deliver that speech the next week. I enjoyed the class and liked to deliver memorable speeches so when the teacher assigned a sales pitch for a speech I chose to sell my Latin text book.  I used the slogan LSMFT Latin Study Means Fun Today.  The acronym is not original with me; LSMFT was the slogan of Lucky Strike cigarettes-Lucky Strike means fine tobacco.  Tobacco companies used to advertise on TV and radio, so that acronym was know to everyone.  My classmates and the teacher found that speech very amusing.

I enjoyed the class and did quite well in it although I must admit I had butterflies before each speech and only settled down once the speech was over.

One day the principal of the school came in during the class to observe.  It was just at the time the teacher was going to call on a person for their speech.  I was praying I would not be called on but ….  Of course she chose me!

Now I was terrified!  I got up in front of the class and froze.  I couldn’t remember what I wanted to say.  There were lots of long pauses when I spoke but somehow I got through it and sat down. No one was impressed by that speech!  The principal left and the teacher asked me how I thought I did.  I answered, “I was very nervous and couldn’t remember my speech.”

What got in my way?  I’d spoken so many times before and this had never happened.  When the principal came in all I could think of was, “I didn’t prepare well enough.  I can’t do this.  Please don’t call on me.”  I went from an attitude of “I can do it.” to an attitude of “I can’t do it.” and that made all the difference in the world.

This is the time of year when people set goals and make resolutions.  For the most part by the end of January the resolutions are either forgotten or given up.  Your attitude plays a big part in keeping you striving to reach your goal. To be successful you need a “Can Do” attitude.



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