Savor the Moments

family diningMany years ago my family and I used to go to my then husband’s parent’s home for holiday meals.  His mother was an excellent cook and enjoyed preparing meals for us.  She spent days preparing all the season’s delights and we came to the table eager to begin the festivities.  Invariably when 20 minutes later we were happily full she would lament, “It took me 3 days to prepare and 20 minutes for you to eat it!”

We were (still are!) all so used to rushing through life that it was impossible for us to sit back, relax and savor our moments.  The sad thing is that the only one who noticed was the person who cooked the meal.  Everyone else just looked at her blankly.

small chocolate kissAn author and nutritionist gave a talk to a group here a few years ago.  Before she began she gave each person a chocolate kiss and then asked us to unwrap the kiss and eat it very slowly, making sure to really taste each bite and being mindful of how good it tastes.  Her point was that a small amount of something sweet could be very satisfying if we spent some time to really savor it. Have you ever eaten something and then not remembered what it tasted like or even that you ate it?!  (I have!)

During the holidays many of us will spend time with family and friends.  Time goes by in a blur and we get so caught up in activities that there is no time for reflection and really appreciating and savoring the moments.

small woman singingThis year similar to many years in the past I will be alone for the holidays.  After several years of feeling sorry for myself I decided to change my attitude.  Since I love to read and listen to music I plan a day of reading and listening to music.  I learned over time to savor this peaceful time. Sometimes while listening to The Messiah I would sing along – all parts as loud as I could. Now that is something I would never do in front of anyone else –and it felt good!

Whatever your circumstances this holiday season, either alone or with friends and family, I hope you will find ways to have a joyful attitude.  Savor the moments and truly enjoy where you are because these the moments that memories are made of.

Take Action:

Have a joyful holiday season and a wonderful New Year!


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