How to Generate Leads for Your Practice Using LinkedIn

How to Generate Leads for Your Practice Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals.  People use it to find new jobs, connect with potential clients, and to learn from others.  The last time I wrote about LinkedIn was in August of 2008.  You can read the list entitled Networking Magic – 10 Amazing Ways to Grow Your Network Using LinkedIn  One purpose for growing your network is to generate leads for your practice. here are 10 Ways to use LinkedIn to generate leads:


1.       Build your network by connecting with all the people you know.  The more people the more potential leads!  Take the time to think about your friends, colleagues, people you currently work with, people you worked with and for in the past and people you do business with.  Be selective and choose the ones with whom you wish to have a business relationship.

2.       Join some groups.  Look for groups that have your target market in them or groups with attorneys and/or others who might refer to you.  Check to see if your college and law school have groups and join them.  Groups give you a platform to engage others in discussions and even starting a discussion yourself. Check to see if there is a group for your practice area.  Think about starting a group yourself.

3.       Ask clients to write a recommendation for you.  You can request the recommendation when you send them a feedback form after you have completed their case.  Now potential clients can go to your LinkedIn profile and read the recommendations. Write recommendations for others!  Social media is all about giving before getting.

4.       Share information with your connections and with the groups you belong to.  This is the best way to get known amongst your connections.  Be helpful.  If you have written an article, post the URL where your connections can read the article.  If you have read something that others may find useful, post the link to that article on your wall or to your groups.  Look for responses.

5.       Answer questions.  You’ll find the questions under the tab “More” at the top of the LinkedIn page.  Click on “Answers” on the drop down menu under “More”.  You’ll see a long list of topics on the right side.  Look for topics that you know something about and that give you a platform to display your expertise.   Engage those who respond in further conversation eventually taking the discussion off line.

6.       Be top of mind for referrals by networking with others.  You stay top of mind by sharing information with them, starting or joining a group that includes them and answering their questions, and talking with them offline.  LinkedIn is only a platform for allowing you to make large numbers of connections.  The actual connecting and referring is up to you and your connections.

7.       Be seen as a thought leader-a subject matter expert in your practice area.  You do that by answering questions, participating in groups and commenting on posts of others.

8.       Use direct ads – LinkedIn offers pay per click ads similar to Google.  You’ll see the ads running down the right side of the page and also at the top.  I’m not a fan of paid advertising but you may find it beneficial for your practice.  The cost is not high so it is worth a try.

9.       Create Polls and ask questions in order to engage potential clients and referrers.  Another way to draw attention to you and your firm is to ask questions.  You’ll be able to connect with the people who answer your question.  A new feature on LinkedIn is the poll.  You’ll need to publicize the poll however to get enough people answering.

10.   Meet other thought leaders and influencers.  By working your networking you can target people that you would like in your network and then get others in your network to introduce you.  You can also join groups that the person you want to meet belongs to and attract his/her attention that way.  LinkedIn gives you an easy way to “meet” people you admire.

Final thought

Once you meet someone that has potential as a client or referrer  stay engaged with the person so you are top of mind.  Referrals are generated because you are considered an expert and your connections remember you and refer to you.

Are you getting the most from your marketing actions?

Don’t spend hours running from marketing event to marketing event in search of new clients. With a list of 20 great referrers you can have a constant flow of clients.  I work with lawyers who want to spend more time doing the work they love in their practice and less time marketing their practice.  I help them to identify their best referrers, find more great referrers and then teach them how to stay top of mind with those referrers.  If you would like a steady flow of clients for your practice, call me at 781-598-0388 or email me at  I’d love to work with you!


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