The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Every 5 weeks I get my hair cut.  My hair is short and I like it that way.

My hairdresser has been cutting my hair for almost 30 years. He and I have a thing going about the hair on my forehead (my bangs).  I like to leave after the haircut with them nice and short.  I hate to have them in my eyes during the month.

He says to me that I either look good leaving or coming back for the haircut.  He votes for making it look good when I leave his shop.

He offers to cut them during the month at no cost to me but I never have time to do that.  We usually do it his way.

Needless to say about 2 weeks after the cut those bangs are in my eyes and I get frustrated.  Even when I push them aside they still fall into my eyes.  UGH!

Are you wondering why I didn’t get the scissors out and fix them myself?    Something held me back.  I was stuck.  Years ago someone maybe my mother or a hairdresser told me not to do that because I would ruin my hair.  I’d look like a freak.  All these years later I convinced myself that I should not cut my own hair.  I just tolerated the inconvenience.

With fear and trepidation last month I trimmed them during the month.  Amazing nothing bad happened!  They looked ok and I was happy not to have hair in my eyes.  I think I now have a new routine and my hairdresser is happy with it.


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