10 Reasons to stay in touch with network before, after, and during a job search.

 It is very common to gear up your network during a job search and then forget about it once you find a job.  It is important to keep your network active even after you find a job because you can learn so much from the people in it.  You will also want to help others while you are working because somewhere down the road you will probably be looking for a new job again. Here are 10 reasons to keep your network active.

1.   You will want to call people in your network when you need a new job. If they only hear from you when you are out of work, how likely are they to help you?

2.   You want feedback on your resume and job search.  Looking for a new job can be isolating.  People find work through other people.  Have your network give you feedback on your resume and job search.  They can help you to make your resume more attractive to employers.

3.   You want to have them as a reference.  Some people in your network can be used as references.  If they have lost track of you over the years they will be less willing to do that.

4.   You want them to refer you to other people who can help you.  People in your network need to know about you and your competencies so they can refer you to others appropriately.  They will not do it if they are not clear on who you are and what you can do. Keep them informed of your successes while you are working.

5.   You want to understand an issue from an employer’s perspective.  They may see things differently from you.  Listen to what they offer.

6.   You want to find new ideas about where your skills might be suited.  Your network can help you to see things more broadly.  They can help you to expand your job search into new or related areas and new target companies..

7.   You want them to tell you about jobs as they become available in their company.  Some of the people in your network will be working in the target companies that you would like to work for.  Staying in touch with people at that company will enable you to learn early about upcoming vacancies.  Your network can also help you to understand what the hiring manager is looking for.

8.   You want them to tell you about jobs in other target companies. People in your network will have their own network.  They may learn about jobs in other target companies that would be a good match for your skills.  You need to be in touch to learn about them.

9.   You want to keep a friendly relaxed relationship with them so that they are comfortable calling you with information.  The more top of mind you are with your network the more likely it is that they will call you about a job they think you are suited for.

10. You want to be top of mind as your network talks to their network.  They are more likely to mention you to others.  You are establishing a brand that will be useful in the future.

Something to think about:

What is the benefit of your network staying in touch with you?


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