10 Questions for a Career or Job That is a Perfect Fit for You.

Happy-WorkerOne way to have more happiness in your life is to find work you enjoy. What can you do to make your work or career more meaningful right now?  One option is to change careers or jobs.  Another is to improve the job you have?  Whether you plan to do a career transition or improve the job you have here are some questions to help you focus in on what you need to have in the career or job that make it  a perfect fit for you for you.

1.   What are your values?  What are you committed to?  What must you do in order for you to be you? What do you do that you have endless energy (passion) for?  If all your life, you have loved to explore and you remember exploring even when you were 6 or 7 years old, then that is a value for you.  Use the free truvalues tool you got when you signed up for this newsletter to help you find your values.  Email me if you would like another copy.

2.   What are your strengths? What do you do well and really enjoy doing? What can you do so well that you do it almost perfectly every time you do it.  Use the book Now Discover Your Strengthswith its online strength assessment written by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton.   To order this book click on this link: <http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0743201140/parkerassociates/102-6405580-3526532>

3.   What is your behavioral style?  How do you behave under stress?  What is your natural style?  It is easiest to work using your natural style.  Adapting takes energy. Ask me about the DISC behavioral assessment to learn about your style?

4.   What are your motivators?  Some people are motivated by money, others by beauty and still others improving the world for others.  There are many workplace motivators. If you are working in an environment where you are connected to what motivates you, you will be engaged in the work and find career satisfaction and fulfillment in it. Ask me about the Workplace Motivator assessment to learn more about your specific motivators.

5.   What are your talents?  What have you developed in yourself just naturally that sets you apart from others?  Some of us have talents that we really enjoy and these should be incorporated in our work.  There are other talents that we might have that we do not get enjoyment out of.  You want to be careful not to do something just because you are good at it!

6.   What are your work skills? What are you good at that you enjoy and could develop more?   Find lists of skills in books such as The Three Boxes of life and What Color is Your Parachute?. To order either or both of these books click on the links below:



7.   What businesses do you see that interest you?  Do some market research to acquaint yourself with the variety of possible businesses.  Interview business owners to find out what they do and how they do it.  Where do you see yourself in these businesses?  If one jumps out at you, think about what it is that attracts you.

8.   What ideas do you have right now? (Sit quietly with your answers for 1 through 7 and see if something jumps out at you.  This should be done in an open, relaxed state.  Leave lots of time so you won’t feel pressured.  If nothing comes up for you, leave it and come back to it at another time.)  A coach can work with you to help you assimilate  the self-knowledge you now have and brainstorm ideas with you.

9.   Do you need your business to support you totally or are you looking for supplemental income?  What is your income requirement in dollars (or your currency)?          Will your idea produce the revenue you need? Will this business idea allow you to lead the life you want to lead?

10. Are on the right track?  Test your idea.  Research your idea in depth.  Talk to others who are doing what you want to do.  See if you can get an internship or do a small project so that you can see if you get the satisfaction you are looking for.  Again a coach can be helpful here in guiding you and your project.

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Alvah Parker works with ambitious people who want to be more engaged in their work so they find meaning, satisfaction and fulfillment.  She guides her clients to find this in the work they do currently or she helps them to find a new more fulfilling career. If you feel frustrated because you are very good at your job but it feels flat and uninteresting, call Alvah at 781-598-0388 for a free consultation.


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