10 Low Cost Ways to Market Your Practice/Business

marketing job searchAs you make your business plan for 2014 you will need to plan how to market your practice or business.  You may have some large expenditures in marketing like creating or updating a website but in addition you will want to have a few low cost ways to insure that you are top of mind and get the clients you want.  Here are 10 ideas to choose from.

1.   Have a compelling response to the question “What do you do?” or “Tell me about yourself” Make this (your elevator speech) brief and interesting.  If you only have 30 seconds, give them enough of an idea about what you do so that they seek you out to hear more later.  Even in a situation where you have more time, be brief but to the point and then allow them to ask questions.  Their questions will give you an idea of their particular interests.

2.    Join or create a leads exchange group.  Find a group that has members with businesses aimed at a similar target market to yours. If you join a group where everyone markets to consumers and you market to businesses, you probably won’t be able to give or get any leads. BNI or LeTip are some popular ones but start your own if those don’t appeal to you.

3.   Use every social occasion as a networking opportunity. Whether it is a holiday party or a summer barbeque when you meet someone for the first time, they will ask you what you do.  (See #1) Have your business cards ready if someone asks for one.

4.   Offer to give a talk at a business meeting or teach a course at a school or training center.  Use your expertise to generate interest in you and/or your practice.  There are numerous opportunities to do this.  If you prepare one talk then you can tailor it to various audiences.  Make sure to choose to speak in sessions where most participants will be from your target market.

5.  Form strategic partnerships with others.  If there are other businesses that deal with your target market, seek them out.  For example accountants, financial planners and real estate brokers often see clients in need of an attorney. Refer to your strategic partners and they in turn will refer to you.

6.   Start a blog on an aspect of your practice that clients and/or other lawyers might find interesting. When clients are looking for an attorney they may first try to find information on the web about their problem.   Since lawyers often refer to other lawyers your blog can show off your expertise.  Make sure to use good key words that make your blog easily found.

7.   Put an article about you or your practice in a local newspaper or online community. Local papers and online communities are eager to print information about people in the area.  Introduce yourself to the editor or person at your local paper and online community who is responsible for press releases.  Find out the information required for the article and learn to write a press release for newspapers and online communities.

8.   Keep your LinkedIn profile current and strong.  LinkedIn is a professional social network that potential clients will use to find information about you and some may even decide to use your services based on your profile in LinkedIn. For those in a retail business a Facebook page would be more appropriate.  Keep it fresh and make special offers to keep people interested.

9.   Create a unique style and/or logo that make(s) you memorable.  Establish yourself or your logo as a brand so people remember you.  Frank Purdue did it as a person.  Coca Cola does it as a logo.  You can do it too!

10. Follow up, follow up, follow up.  If you go to a meeting follow up with the people you meet.  You can add them to your LinkedIn connections, write them a note, or call them to have coffee.  Once you have established a relationship find some ways you can work with the other person or spend time with them so that you will be top of mind when they want to refer to someone.

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