The start of my garden 2015

20150622_113333 (2)

This is the month I put my garden in. We had a cold May so I delayed planting until June. Now the tomatoes, basil, dill and string beans are planted. I have a small garden and it gets only about 6 hours of sun. These are the plants I have had success with in the past. Fortunately June has had some rain too so I am looking forward to an abundant harvest. Anyone else have a garden? I’d love to hear what you have had success with.







my garden July 2015Check out my garden at the end of July. Do you remember what it looked like in June?  I’ve seen amazing growth! I love when something grows quickly before my eyes and this garden has been spectacular. We’ll have lots of tomatoes and string beans soon. I’m excited. I love it when I see the same thing in my clients. They often have amazing growth in a short period of time.


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