Do Your Beliefs Prevent You From Being Happy at Work?

Making a career change takes courage.  Most people hesitate to do it because of deep seated beliefs that they have.  Some beliefs are empowering but the ones that hold you back are disempowering.  The only way to move forward is to identify the belief and either overcome or change it.   Here is a list of 10 common beliefs on career change that can derail your desire for change.


  1. I (My parents) invested a lot in my education (training). I can’t bail out now.
  1. Work isn’t supposed to be fulfilling. Work is work!
  1. I’m too old (young) to change careers now.
  1. Pursuing a dream is unrealistic, selfish and risky.
  1. My clients (boss) (colleagues) are counting on me. I can’t let them down.
  1. If I buckle down and do this current job, I’ll learn to like it.
  1. I’ll never be able to find a job in a career that I love.
  1. All good careers require specialized training so I will need to be retrained.
  1. Every career has its downside so why step out of the frying pan into the fire.
  1. I’m safe here. I know what is expected and I know I can do it well.  It’s only __ years until I retire.  I can tough it out.


Do you hear yourself thinking some of these thoughts?  If you are in a job you hate and feel there is no solution except to stay, it is time to examine your beliefs.  Being in the wrong job can be a devastating experience.  It affects your whole life. If a belief isn’t serving you, it is time to change that belief.  Try substituting a new positive belief.


Need help doing this?  A Sparker can help!  Perhaps my list has helped you to identify some the beliefs that are holding you back.  There are some of you out there who perhaps are feeling like you are stuck in a bad job but unsure of what is keeping you stuck.  I can help you to uncover what is holding you back.  It may be a belief or it may be something else.  An extra set of ears and eyes could help you identify what’s keeping you in your unhappy situation.  Call me 781-598-0388 or email me at to learn how to be happy at work again.


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