Checklist: Are You Happy at Work?

Money is not the only criteria for a job where you will be happy.  There are others. See how many of these your current job fulfills or if you are considering a new job use this as a checklist to determine if the job you are considering is right for you.

  1. Are you earning the kind of money you feel you deserve? First you must be earning enough to support you and your dependents.  Until you do that your concern is really about survival.  After that you want to get enough to feel adequately rewarded for the work you do.
  2. Do you feel you have job security? There is nothing worse than the feeling that your job is in jeopardy.  You’ll never feel happy at work unless you feel you are wanted and needed.  More than that, the company must be able to afford to keep you, so the business has to be profitable and growing.
  3. Do you have the kind of work environment that makes you feel good? Do you trust the other members of your team, your manager and the others in the company?  Does the company do what it promises? To be happy at work you must look forward to coming to work a high percentage of the time.
  4. Do you have a title or reputation that you feel gives you significant status in the organization? To feel happy at work you need to be respected by your organization.  The organization shows that respect by giving you a title commensurate with your experience.
  5. Do you have enough flexibility in your hours to feel comfortable? You won’t be happy at work if you have conflicting priorities.  You need to be comfortable that when an emergency comes up you will be able to attend to it during work hours if necessary.
  6. Is your work meaningful? Is the work you do important to you. Does it make the world a better place in some way?  To be happy at work you need to take pride in the work you do and see how it serves the greater good.
  7. Do you have the opportunity for recognition and achievement? While it is most important to feel you are making a contribution yourself, it is nice to be recognized by your peers and management for your achievement.  Most people want to hear “good job” from the boss!
  8. Are you given the kind of responsibility that you want? If you feel you are underutilized or the job no longer offers you a challenge then you will not be happy at work.
  9. Do you have an opportunity to learn more about yourself so you grow as a person? In every job you have you want to be able to learn more about what is important to you, what qualities you need to grow and what habits may be holding you back. Does the company give you continual feedback and then help you to make the necessary changes?
  10. Do you have the opportunity to learn on the job? Whether it is a stretch goal that requires you to learn a new skill or a new opportunity that has come up you know little about, it is important to keep adding to your knowledge and skill base.

Is there something important to you that I have left out?  I’d love to hear from you.

Coaching Works!
Sometimes a small adjustment in your working situation can make a big difference in the way that you feel about your job.  A coach can help you to make that adjustment.  It may be all that you need.  For others the adjustment may make the work more tolerable but they are looking for a long term career or job change and would like to find work that has meaning and that they love.  As a coach I am eager to work with anyone who wants to either adjust or change their situation.  I am finding in my practice that as people mature they are looking for a career that makes their heart sing.  Has that happened to you?  Now is the perfect time to begin to look for that career.  The search could take a few months or several years.  Let’s begin!  Call me at 617-240-5353 to make an appointment or email me at to schedule a meeting. I work on the telephone so your location makes no difference as long as we can connect by phone.


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