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Is This the Life You Want? Honoring Your Values

I work with clients frequently on understanding what their values are. What I mean by values is what is most...

Ten Tips on Negotiating Your Salary

I worked with a client this week who wanted to be prepared to negotiate a job with her current boss and also a new boss since she is looking both internally and externally for a job. Her current boss is offering her a chance to apply for a new job that he feels she may be qualified for. Here are 10 Tips on negotiating your salary:

How to be productive working at home

As an AT&T employee I was used to working in an office with lots of colleagues around. Suddenly in 1994 the group I was with was asked to work from home. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to drive 45 minutes to an hour to work but I missed the camaraderie of the office. I learned to compensate for the isolation and continued to work from home.

Silence – The Pause that Refreshes

Silence – The Pause that Refreshes

  “It’s been weeks since I’ve had a few minutes of time for quiet reflection.” my client said to me....

What is the Hardest Word in the English Language to Say?

What is the Hardest Word in the English Language to Say?

Have you ever found yourself doing something you didn’t want to do just because you couldn’t say no?  I certainly...