10 Reasons To Have Only One Or Two Practice Areas

As a new attorney just opening a practice there is a great temptation to have a general law practice.  When you have few clients you never want to say no to any case that shows up.  Even seasoned attorneys are tempted when business is slow to open a new practice area while continuing to serve the old.  “Specializing” in four or five practice areas might seem like a good idea but it is actually counter productive.  Here are 10 reasons to limit your practice to one or two practice areas.

1. Expert – You will become an expert in one or two areas of the law instead of being a “jack of all trades master of none”   It makes clients more confident in your ability to help them.

2. Name of firm – Most attorneys use their name(s) in naming the firm.  If you use your niche as part of the name, it tells the potential client right away what your expertise is and sets you apart from most attorneys.  Even if you choose to name your firm with 5 practice areas chances are most people would only remember the first two.

3. Website – Focusing on one or two practice areas makes creating a website easier.  You can write knowledgeably about the concerns of your potential clients in your niche because you have had frequent in depth experiences with those clients.

4. Key words – Key words are important to digital media.  Because your niche will have some words that are associated with it, you will have targeted words to use and reuse on your website and other places on the web to attract your target market. You will have a target market to ask what words they use to search on. Your practice area along with your location really narrows the focus. 

5. Google – Having a specific practice area(s) helps you to be found in a search by those needing services in that area.  If you have chosen the right key words clients can find you easily.

6. Saves time – When you have a general practice you have to learn and relearn different practice areas depending on what client shows up in your practice.  Having only one of two areas you specialize in saves you time figuring out what you need and how to find it each time.  Repetition of the routine activities in the area(s) you choose will make it faster for you to complete the work. 

7. Contributes to your uniqueness – The field of law is crowded.  A lawyer must stand out from all the other lawyers so that he/she is memorable.  Your practice areas help you to stand out.  You will need other qualities to stand out even more but your areas of expertise are a beginning.

8. Staff can work more efficiently – With one or two niches the attorney can establish clear process for staff members to follow for each case.  Office procedures can be written out and will cover the majority of cases.  You don’t need to spend your time explaining and re-explaining to staff what to do each time a new case comes in.

9. Can become a thought leader in your niche – Because you have narrowed your focus you can go more in depth into your specialty to become a thought leader.  This makes you more attractive to both clients and other attorneys.  Other attorneys can be a source of referrals.

10. Saves money – With only a couple of niches you can save money by purchasing only the books, software and forms necessary for your niches.


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