Life lessons


There are lessons to be learned from all parts of your life.  Look where you least expect them

This has been a busy month for me.  My house was sorely in need of paint.  Big chunks of paint had fallen off over the seven years since it was last painted. Talk about an energy drain!  About 2 years ago I realized I needed to save so I could paint it.  I hired the same painter who did it last time and am really pleased with the result.  Next time I will begin to save for repainting earlier so I am ready before it becomes a major frustration!

My 98 year old mother teaches me a lot about how to live a life fully.  An avid bridge enthusiast she goes 3 times a week to the local VFW to play with a group of about 40 other bridge lovers.  Her social interaction, passion for bridge and self-care keep her excited and happy with her life.  The picture shows her in a new outfit with a flower in her hair ready for a bridge game!


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