Fall Career Check List

September is the first month of the last third of 2012.  Now is a good time to look to see how you are doing on implementing your 2012 plan.  Here are 10 questions to ask yourself in order to get a sense of how you are doing and what needs to be done before the year ends.



  1. Accomplishments – What are my most important accomplishments so far this year?  Make a list.
  2. New Relationships – What relationships did I develop that I had targeted at the beginning of the year?  How will I maintain those relationships?  If you haven’t already updated your contact list do it now.
  3. Old Relationships – What relationships did I strengthen this year?  Are there any relationships I have overlooked that I need to reconnect with before the end of the year?
  4. Education – What courses have I taken this year and what ones will I take before the end of the year?  What did I learn about myself?
  5. Mistakes – What mistakes did I make this year and what could I have done to avoid them?  What did I learn from my mistakes?
  6. Time Management – How well have I managed my time this year?  What changes did I make at the beginning of the year that really helped me?  What must I do to continue to maintain this change?
  7. Goals – What were my 2012 goals and what do I need to do during the next few months to achieve all of them?
  8. Habits – What habits do I need to form or break before the end of the year?
  9. Key Accomplishment – What is the one accomplishment this year that makes me proudest?  What about it makes you so proud.  Write down the story behind this accomplishment.
  10. Vacation – Have I taken my vacation this year?  What do I need to do to insure I get at least one week away from work to relax and unwind?  Put the date on your calendar.

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