Fall Business Check list

September is the first month of the last third of 2012.  Now is a good time to look to see how you are doing on implementing your 2012 business plan.  Here are 10 questions to ask yourself in order to get a sense of how you are doing and what needs to be done before the year ends.  



  1. Business Goals – What were my 2012 business goals?  What must I do in the last few months to achieve the goals?
  2. Relationships – What relationships did I develop this year that have been beneficial to my business?  How can I insure that I will maintain these relationships?
  3. Learning – What are the things I have learned this year that I am taking with me to next year?  How will I stay current?  What did I learn about myself and my practice?
  4. Mistakes – What mistakes did I make? What could I have done to avoid these mistakes? What will I do differently going forward?
  5. Education – What classes, conferences, and/or meetings do I want to attend before the end of the year?
  6. Vacation – Have I taken my vacation and really left my office without staying connected?  Did I get a good rest? If I have not taken a vacation when before 2013 will I take one?  Put it on the calendar.
  7. Financial goal – Will I reach or exceed my projected financial goal this year?  What can I do right now to insure that I will make the goal?
  8. Time Management  –  How well have I managed my time this year?  What changes did I make that really helped me?  How can I be sure that I will continue to maintain this?
  9. Habits –  What habits do I need to form or break to be even more successful?  What habits need to be replaced?
  10. Key Accomplishment – What is the one accomplishment this year that makes me proudest?



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