Ten Ways to Recharge Yourself to Stay Happy at Work

(These same steps can be used to recharge a job search if yours has lost its steam)

When someone starts a new job, the person usually feels excited and enthusiastic. If however you have been doing the same work for several years now it is important to continually reignite that enthusiasm.  The work may have morphed into something less interesting than it first was or you may have done it so much that you are feeling unchallenged and bored.  While these are signals to start looking for something else, it may be some time before an appropriately exciting position is open.  What can you do today to recharge yourself so you are once again happy at work?

  1. Review your goals and see how you can use your strengths to increase your ability to reach the goal quickly and efficiently.  When you use 4 of your strengths in your work the work becomes more meaningful.
  2. Make a list of the steps you need to take for each of your goals.  Checking off small steps gives you a sense of accomplishment which will give you satisfaction and inspire you to take another step.
  3. Identify the things you do that numb yourself.  When you are unhappy what do you do to escape the drudgery?  For me it was getting up for a cup of coffee.  Sometimes I didn’t even want it but it was my way of escaping!  Maybe for you it is eating, texting, computer games, or Facebook.  The point is they are escapes.  We need them occasionally not in excess.  You need to be alert to feel the recharge!
  4. Write down the benefits of achieving your goals.  How will you feel?  What will the result look like?  Reread this weekly or even daily to recharge yourself.
  5. Spend time with supportive friends, ones that will be happy for you when you succeed.  It is best to avoid people who whine or complain and want to draw you into their misery.  Put some distance too between you and well-meaning friends and family who don’t want you to be disappointed so they always advocate that you make your goals smaller or that you be ready for failure.
  6. Have a plan to deal with obstacles and challenges so that you are not thrown by them.  If something doesn’t work as planned find a new approach.  Use this list to recharge!
  7. Leave time in your schedule to do the everyday tasks that collect when you are totally focused on your work.  This means getting to email, responding to inquiries, and dealing with the piles of files and “stuff” that can mount up.  Learn to deal quickly with what you can, to delegate to others when possible, delay what can be done at another time (schedule it on your calendar) and disregard or dump anything that is not relevant to your work.
  8. Make sure you keep yourself physically fit so that you can give all your energy to your work when you are working.  That means eating well, exercising, and taking any prescribed medication and vitamins.
  9. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep.  When you are tired you can’t put your full attention and energy on your work. Your work will suffer and so will you.
  10. Schedule some fun time.  Make sure you take time to relax and enjoy yourself.  Spend time with family and friends so that when you return to your work you feel refreshed and energetic.

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