Ten Keys to Professional Success

Whether you are a new lawyer or a seasoned professional you want to insure your professional success.  Here are 10 tips that will help you to achieve professional success.


1. Have a positive attitude.

People who are positive, resourceful, trustworthy, and who will commit to doing whatever it takes to make a business succeed will be the ones sought after by employers.  A “can do” spirit creates a work environment that gets things done.

2. Find ways to build on the skills you have.

The business world changes daily. The knowledge we have today will be inadequate to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Those who are on the cutting edge believe in lifelong learning. As new technology becomes available to make your work flow more efficient, understanding of how to maximize the use of that technology becomes critical. Invest in your own education and personal development.

3.  Stay focused on the clients and provide the very best service.

Every business exists for its customers/clients.  Know exactly how you serve the client.  Set clear expectations.  Then do whatever is necessary to meet and exceed their expectations.

4. Understand the vision of your firm, department, practice group etc.

Regardless of whether you are a solo, a partner, an associate, or staff, you need to be clear on the vision of the firm. A vision is what the person or firm sees possible for their contribution to the world. For example, my vision is a world in which people make their contribution by doing fulfilling and meaningful work while still having time for leisure, social and family activities.

5. Communicate, communicate, COMMUNICATE.

Be sure that everyone in the firm,  clients, attorneys and staff,  know what you stand for, what your mission is, and what you are here for (your purpose). Your mission is what you are here to do. For example, my mission is to help my clients enhance the quality of their lives while building their personal and professional success.

6. Have fun!

People who enjoy their work are more fun to be with. Find ways to put laughter into each day. Laughter stimulates the body’s immune system and reduces stress.

7. Acknowledge the contribution of others.

Let others know when you appreciate their work. Saying “Thank you! This is well done.” goes a long way in helping someone else feel good about their work.  People appreciate acknowledgement.  It contributes to their job satisfaction and the morale of the organization

8. Incorporate your values.

Your values are the natural expression of who you are. When you work out of your values, you are doing what is most important to you.  Working from your values helps you to feel more satisfied by your work.  Being authentic and standing for what is most important to you gives credibility to your work.

9. Be a source of constant encouragement/boost morale.

Put people before results. Be positive in all that you say and do. Make sure you are someone people want to work with and do business with.  Encourage others to do their best work and help them to be their best.

10. Develop a community.

Our lives are built around relationships. Creating a sense of belonging and connection is important in a world where technology allows us to do business without even seeing or talking to each other.

Want to insure your professional success?  Work with a practice advisor and coach. If you want to enjoy and excel at the work that you do, and have a life beyond work, call me at 781-598-0388 to discuss your hopes and dreams.


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