10 Ways To Develop a Free Agent Attitude

MC900367644Free Agents are those individuals who work for themselves.  They are sole practitioners, consultants, temporary workers, and entrepreneurs.  Free Agents give up the security of having an employer and a regular pay check for the freedom to have control over their own lives.  Developing a free agent attitude can benefit both the employed and unemployed as well as those who work for themselves.

1.   Develop a vision of your ideal life.  Include all parts of your life including your work/career, family, friends, lifestyle, spiritual endeavors, personal growth, leisure etc.  Let that vision guide your choices and move you forward toward more meaningful work and life,.

2.   Know what your strengths, talents and skills are.  Develop an offer that includes these and that sets you apart from others. Be able to articulate the advantages of your offer clearly.

3.   Have a learning plan to fill in the gaps and broaden your offer.  Watch the trends to ensure your skills and offer remain relevant.

4.   Volunteer to do projects that showcase your talents.

5.   Find a mentor or coach to support you.

6.   Make a list of EVERYONE you know and put their information into a contact management program.

7.   Make the effort to meet new people and add them to your contact management program.

8.   Stay in touch with your network of contacts continuously.  Keep them informed of what you are doing.

9.   Begin by finding ways to create opportunities to offer your talents to others by working at home or part time.  If you work for someone else this may mean moonlighting or free lancing.

10. Develop a “How can I help you?” attitude.  Act as a referral agent for others and then ask them to do the same for you.

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Coaching for Free Agents

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