The Top Ten Reasons to hire a coach

coachIf you are wondering how you are going to keep your New Year’s Resolutions or implement your business or career plan for this year, consider hiring a business or career coach to help you.  A coach can help you to stay on track and when you reach a difficult challenge he/she can help you to identify breakthrough ideas.  Not only Olympic athletes but corporate executives and high profile managers have coaches. Why not you? Here is a list of 10 reasons to hire a coach.


1.   You have a big goal and you want someone to keep you focused. Achieving your goal is very important to you. A coach has no other agenda except to help you succeed.  He/she can brainstorm ideas with you, act as a sounding board for you, develop strategies to overcome fears with you, and encourage you to move forward with your plans.

2. StuckYou feel like you are not moving forward – you are stuck and can’t figure out how to get beyond where you are.  A coach can help you to determine what is holding you back and then address those issues with you so that you can overcome the obstacle.

3.   You think you want to make a change but aren’t sure what kind of change you want to make.  A coach can help you to understand exactly what you want.  Once you are excited about the possibility of the change a coach will help you to make the change to get the result you are looking for.

4.   You’ve just learned a new skill and want to integrate your learning into your work or life.  A coach will work with you to really internalize what you have learned. A coach can also help you to use what you have learned to enhance your career or business by letting others know how your new skill can benefit them or their business.

5.   You are not happy in your job.  You would like to find more meaningful and fulfilling work.  You are not sure how to begin.  A coach can help you to understand what you want to do and then will help you to develop a plan to make the change.

6.   You are thinking about changing your career and want to explore ways to find a more meaningful and fulfilling career.  A coach can help you learn more about yourself, your strengths, skills and talents. With the guidance of a coach you will uncover your life’s purpose and find a way to use that purpose in your career so that you will have more meaningful work.

7. NoYou are so busy helping other people you have no time for yourself. You’ve never learned to say “No” to someone who asks for help. You feel resentful and angry.  A coach can help you to understand what is causing your anger and help you to take the necessary actions that will let you to be a happier person.

8.   You want to work smarter not harder but you aren’t sure that that is possible.  A coach can help you to set priorities and find new ways to manage your time, your work and you.

9.   You are planning to start or grow your business (practice) and you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do.  A coach can help you plan your business and help you to create a realistic time line. Working with a coach will help you to stay on an even keel when the road gets busy or when there are bumps.

10. Life feels flat to you.  There is nothing physically wrong with you but you know something is missing.  A coach can help you to find the vision and the passion missing from your life.

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Coaching Opportunity

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