Self-Aware- A tale of missed clues.

Self-Aware- A tale of missed clues.

I’d always wanted to be a manager and this was my first opportunity. I was eager to do the job well so instead of being true to my own values, I followed the others who appeared to know the way.

What is the Dream in Your Heart? Your Vision

Many people get caught up in what others dream and want for them. How many people became doctors because their parents wanted them to do it? They took their parents dream as their own without thinking about it. Sometimes that works out but sometimes it does not.

Avoid Burnout – 10 Ways to Cope with Stress

If you are feeling that you are heading toward burnout, the best thing you can do for yourself is to replenish yourself too. Rest is very important. Here are 10 other ways

Making a plan

How Flexible Are You At Work?

I don’t know how to plan for the coming year. “ my client said to me. “One day we are virtual the next day we are in the office and then they shut us down again.

How I got From Florida to Massachusetts during the Pandemic

How I got From Florida to Massachusetts during the Pandemic

A Pandemic can throw off even the best planner. If you have been a subscriber to my newsletter for a while you know I am a planner. Not only do I plan but I think of everything that could go wrong and have a contingency plan to move forward whatever happens. However never in my wildest dreams did I think a pandemic would come and stop me from returning to Massachusetts with my mother.