Baby racoons Found in Bush

tiny racoonMy mother lives in a one level condo unit with access to the outside through the front door.  She has a small flower area next to her front door that faces her neighbor’s condo unit.  In the flower area there is a tall bush.  Her neighbor’s family said they heard noises coming from the bush and they thought it was from baby raccoons.  Several raccoons had been in the area.  One was found dead and one had been trapped.  They thought one had left a nest of little ones.  The neighbors were concerned that the babies would starve without the mother and called animal rescue who came and took the babies to a place that would feed them until they were big enough to feed themselves.  The picture is one of the two babies he found in the bush. The man who came to get the babies (his arm is in the picture) is a volunteer. He drove quite a distance to get the racoons because of his love for animals.  He showed us how to feed them water with is finger.  This was a man who was definitely “happy at work”!    As my mother’s neighbors said this was more excitement than had been in this condo development in years.  We all felt good that the babies would be cared for.


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