What does your behavior say about you?

Lady workingDoes doing meaningful work mean that you are happy at work?  Well it seems like it should but in fact there are other things to consider: the environment, the company, the manager, colleagues.

Recently I have been working with a client who loves her work but has had difficulty with the team she works with.  She knows that she can’t change her teammates so she is willing to adjust her behavior to accommodate the team.

Many times your behavior sends out a message to others that is not the message you want them to receive.  You may be totally unaware you are sending that message.

I learned that once years ago when I was applying for a job.  I was very excited about the job and the possibility of working for this particular company.  A friend in the company had recommended me for the role.  After the interview my friend called to tell me that the interviewers did not think I was interested in the job.

My behavioral style is unexpressive.  I’d be a good poker player.  You cannot read what I am thinking or what I want.  I know now that when I am happy with something I need to express it more and similarly when I am unhappy I need to let people know.

A close friend of mine says that she has a very expressive face.  When she doesn’t like something people know it just by looking at her.  In some instances she knows she has lost friends because the friends felt she disapproved of them when in fact she was disapproving of something entirely different.  She wasn’t always aware that her face was a mirror to what she was thinking and still has difficulty controlling it.

I’ve know people who love to talk.  I call them good company but for others this may be somewhat annoying because they can’t get a word into the conversation (or should I say monologue).  One person like this that I know was a litigator.  A mutual friend says that she won cases because she wore out the opposition by arguing her point until they gave in.

What does your behavior say about you?  Is it the message you want delivered?  A behavioral assessment would help you to understand what you are putting out to your colleagues, team mates, manager, and/or clients.  If you would like to take this assessment, please call me at 781-598-0388 or email me at asparker@asparker.com .  I would be happy to help you to better understand yourself in order to be happy at work!

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