Ten Ways to Put Your Work in Perspective

work in progressEven if you love going to work every day and your work is meaningful, it is important to have some processes and to set some boundaries to which you adhere to keep yourself healthy and to avoid burnout.  If your work is tedious and boring or if you are working in an environment that is uncomfortable or intolerable, these ten tips are important for you too.  Sometimes however it is harder to break away from what you love than what you hate.  Here is my list.  What would you add?

  1. Know your priorities. What are the things you must do today?  What are the things that would be nice to do?  What do you hate to do?  (If you hate it can you delegate it?)  Plan your day with the must dos first or at the time of day where you work at your peak.
  2. Delegate work that others can do.  Repetitive work that is something someone at a lower level in your company can do should be delegated.  To stay happy at work if you hate the work it would be best to delegate it.  If there is more work that you hate than that you love, it is time to think about making a change!
  3. do not disturbAvoid interruptions in your work. Close your door, shut off your cell phone, send your calls to voice mail and get away from your computer (unless the work must be done on the computer).  Now you can totally focus on the important work at hand.  This is a time when you have told your staff and/or colleagues not to interrupt you.  Put a sign on the door or on the side of the cubical not to disturb you unless there is an emergency.  Let family members know how to reach you in an emergency.
  4. Know your values.  What are the 3 or 4 activities or feelings that are most important to you? Work is more meaningful and fulfilling if you honor your values. Figure out a way to use your values at work.  Need an assessment to find your values?  Ask me for the TruValues assessment and 30 minute free session to discuss your values and how to use them at work.
  5. php8A4zdAPMPut a vacation date on your calendar.  Make plans for doing something special. This does not have to be an expensive trip but something simple that changes your environment for a few days or preferable a week or two.
  6. Take a short break in the morning and in the afternoon.  This will refresh you and give you more energy.  Go for a walk, stretch, have a cup of herbal tea or take deep breaths. Brief breaks energize you and keep you motivated during the day.
  7. Take time for lunch.  It is best to leave your office but if you need to stay in your office then get away from your desk. Briefly changing your environment and sitting position will refresh your body and mind.
  8. Stick to a work schedule and have a reasonable end of day that you honor.  Setting firm boundaries about the start and end of your day is important for employees, self-employed and career changers.
  9. Schedule at least one evening a week to do something that is fun for you.  What kinds of activities do you most enjoy?  Going to the movies, going for a long walk, going out to dinner with friends are some that I enjoy.  What will you add to this list?
  10. Make one weekend day a day free from any work.  Avoid using technology (cellphone or computer).  This is one I find extremely challenging.  I love it when I do it but more often than not if I am at home I find my way to my cell phone and/or computer.  Any suggestions?  I confess I wrote this on Sunday,

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Is your family complaining that you are always working?  Are you feeling that you never leave work behind?  A coach can help.  I work with my clients to help them leave room in their lives for fun and family.  Finding your values is a start.  Take me up on my offer in #4 for a free values assessment and coaching session.  You can reach me at 781-598-0388 or asparker@asparker.com.


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