Winter in Massachusetts and Florida

It has been a really strange winter here this year. After last winter this one so far seems so much better. Still we’ve had fairly mild weather. The temperature frequently has hit 50 degrees which is warm for our winter. I had a pair of Boston Ferns on my porch that were green until last week. I used the 50 degree days to take them outside to water them. While I was in Florida though the temperature hit -9 degrees here and I think that was just too cold for the ferns. I expected to have them go by December so I am pleased they lasted this long.

Girl walking 3The weather in Florida was cold for Floridians but I loved it. I’m not fond of the heat so I am happy to walk when it is under 80 degrees. People in Florida think it is cold when it is 70 degrees. I usually take a walk for an hour at around 8:30am so it was probably in the 60’s then. For me that is perfect walking weather. My article is about gratitude this month and I am certainly grateful for having had such pleasant weather during my trip. Smiley-face-3300-small[1]


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