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10 Ways to Identify Your Strengths, Talents and Skills

10 Ways to Identify Your Strengths, Talents and Skills

Identifying your strengths, skills and talents and matching them to the requirements of a new job description will be part of the work you need to do in your job search or career change.  Here is a list of 10 methods for identifying your strengths, skills and talents. 

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How Can Managers Keep Employees Happy at Work?

Not happy at work?  Maybe it is time to resign? This seems to be the thinking of many employees today. ...

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What Do You Know About Your Target Market

Your product or service may be appropriate for many groups, but your marketing will be more effective if you market to one group (your target market). 10 questions for choosing target market.

Got a vision? 10 ways to create one.

Whether you work for someone, have a business or are looking for a job, you need a mental picture of where you are headed – your vision. It should excite you.

What is the is key to your success?

To be happy at work most people are looking for the perfect job, candidate, customer/client, or project. Everyone lately seem to be looking for the “silver bullet”, the key that gives you the result you want.

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