10 Ways to Recognize a Job Well Done

How does a Manager show his/her appreciation for work well done?  Some managers are really good at acknowledging their employees and other managers seem to think that good work is its own reward and that acknowledging in not necessary.  Most of us want to feel appreciated and needed so even if the work is rewarding to the employee it is still important for the manager to show appreciation.  By showing the employee appreciation, the manager is motivating the employee and others to perform at a higher level.  It should be clear to the employee and others what the employee has done and that the manager is pleased with him/her.  How can he or she do that?  Here are 10 ideas:

  1. Thank You! – Say thank you or good job!  If you have ever been on the receiving end of those words you know how good you feel when your manager acknowledges you in that way.  Part of the thank you should include what was special about what the employee did and why he/she is being singled out.
  2.  Coffee -Invite the employee to have coffee with you to get to know him/her better. Tell the person what he/she is doing right.  Positive feedback is always appreciated. By establishing a good relationship with the employee, the manager can encourage the kind of work he/she expects. When an employer takes an interest in an employee the relationship is more likely to flourish and the employee is encouraged to continue to work at the higher l level.
  3. Training. – Ask employee what skills he would like to improve that would help him or her on the job. Offer to send that employee to some specialized training on the skills the employee mentions.
  4. Time off. – Give the employee a day or half day off. If the employee has given his/her all to a project and perhaps even given up some evenings or weekends to complete a project what could be better than a day or half day off?!
  5.  Newsletter – Write up the incident that you are acknowledging the employee for and put it in the company newsletter. Public acknowledgement lets others in the organization know what the employee has done.
  6. Tell Team – Mention the accomplishment to the employee’s team. The employee’s team may or may not be aware of the accomplishment but what is important is that they now know their manager recognizes it.  It may in fact motivate the others to accomplish more.
  7. Personal Note – Write a personal note of thanks to the employee. It is best to use notepaper and to handwrite the note. Who gets handwritten notes today?  Not many people.   A distant second is sending an email.  The employee might save the note but is less likely to save the email.
  8. Parking Space – Reserve a special parking space close to the door for the employee. Announce the person’s name to the others and tell them about the parking space and its significance.
  9. Website – Put a picture and write up on the company’s website telling the story of the employee’s accomplishment.
  10. Employee of the month – Have an employee of the month or quarter and have a special plaque or trophy for that person.

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