How to Find Job Satisfaction in a Job You Hate

Job satisfaction seems like a dream to some.  It is amazing to me how many people really hate the job that they have.  Feeling stuck can really make you feel depressed and discouraged.  It is often hard to see a way out.

If you are someone who is unhappy at his/her current job, try making a list of what you hate about it.  There is passion and energy in “hating” something.  Use that energy to get it all down on paper once and for all!

Once you have completed your list start to ask yourself what you could do right now to improve the situation.  Go over each item on your list looking for ways to deal with it.   For example someone who hates his long commute might decide to leave home earlier to avoid the traffic and shorten the commute.

One client that I worked with was self employed.  He hated the fluctuations in cash flow that are part of any business.  He often had to borrow money to live on.  To fix this he was able to set up a monthly salary schedule.  By saving money in good months he had money for lean months.

Just small changes to those irritants in your current position can increase your job satisfaction level so go ahead and try coming up with solutions for each entry on the list.

Need some help?  Try talking to a friend or a coach.

Once you have come up with as many solutions as you can, focus your attention on your values.  Values are the real key to job satisfaction.  What I mean by values are those activities and feelings that most important to you.  Examples would be such feelings as love of: learning, contributing, teaching, and creating.

For example someone who values collaborating might volunteer for a project where he/she works on a team.  Someone else who values teaching might find a way to mentor a new employee or teach something to his/her colleagues.

By identifying your own values you will see where you can apply them at work.  Being aligned with your values leads to a more meaningful and fulfilling experience on the job.

Finally many people are just bored with their job.  A client once told me he could do his job in his sleep.  He knew exactly what was going to happen every day including who was going to call on a Friday afternoon with a big problem.

This client decided to volunteer for a special project. The project was focused on installing a system that my client knew well.  He did not know project management and had never done installation work.  By working with a different team he developed a new skill, met new people and felt re-energized.  While his job still wasn’t perfect the new project did a lot to make his work more satisfying.

Often when people are unhappy in their job they blame the company, their boss or their colleagues.  Each of us is responsible for our own happiness.  If you are feeling dissatisfied with your job, try these three methods to improve your satisfaction level.


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