Can Your Strengths Hold You Back?

Can Your Strengths Hold You Back?

Never in my 20+ years of coaching have I ever forgotten a client’s name. But there it was a name on my schedule that I didn’t recognize.  I searched all the names of my clients past and present with no success.  It really bugged me.  Who was this person?

How to Create an Inspiring Vision

How to Create an Inspiring Vision

At the beginning of a new year it is appropriate to think about the coming year and what you hope for. Some people write goals or resolutions. Others start by having a vision.

Hand writing "I Quit".

How Can Managers Keep Employees Happy at Work?

Not happy at work?  Maybe it is time to resign? This seems to be the thinking of many employees today. ...

target for target market

What Do You Know About Your Target Market

Your product or service may be appropriate for many groups, but your marketing will be more effective if you market to one group (your target market). 10 questions for choosing target market.

How to Survive a Toxic Environment

A toxic environment can make you feel helpless. You lose your vision of the future. You do not believe you can make a positive difference in the world.

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