Ten Ways to Stand Out in Your Career By Being Unique

Stand out from the crowd.


The job market has been very competitive.  Depending on the field you are in it may stay that way for a long time. To keep on the top of your profession it is important to have something that others are attracted to and that makes you unique.  Standing out is a way to be recognized and remembered.

  1. Become a well-known expert in your field.  As an acknowledged thought leader you will be respected in your field and have many opportunities to work for and with others.
  2. Become proficient in a skill that is new and that others are just learning.  It helps if the skill is one that is valued by others and needed in several industries.  In today’s job market those who are skilled in social media have many opportunities to move their careers forward.
  3. Have a memorable story.  The reason you want to have something unique about you is to be memorable.  People remember others because there is something unusual about them.  Having a great story to tell sets you apart.  The story must be relevant to your career and/or job.  Tell a story that lets others know what makes you care so much about the work you do.
  4. Have a can do attitude with positive energy.  Someone who is upbeat and positive is someone everyone wants to be around.  Someone who believes that every problem has a solution and he/she will find it is someone who will be a valued member of the team.
  5. Significant accomplishments in your current position.  Be a top performer with measurable accomplishments that everyone values.  If you have created a buzz because of the work you do, you will stand out in people’s minds.
  6. Humor – Some people have a type of humor that sets people at ease.  This can be a wonderful trait especially when things get tense.  Humor is often the only thing that can diffuse a tense situation.  Knowing how and when to use humor is a really wonderful skill that will help you to standout with your employers and potential employers.
  7. Leadership role at work or in association related to work – Successful leaders are always valued.  Take a leadership role on a team, in your work organization or in an association related to work.  Needless to say you must do a good job in managing the team.  Leadership skills are valued by employers.
  8. Great rolodex.  You know everyone and can help anyone who needs to get to the right person. In large corporations it is not always clear how to get something done.  To find your way you look for the person with all the connections who can guide you.  If you are that person, you have a valuable talent.  The person in a smaller company who knows people outside the company to call on also is sought out.  Some combination of outside contacts and inside ones sets you apart from others.
  9. Prestigious awards for work or leadership –Awards from organizations that honor you for your work or leadership qualities make you stand out.  So too will being quoted in the press and any media attention you receive.
  10. Unique and memorable dress – Think about Thomas Wolfe and   Michael Gerber.  Both like white suits and hats.  It does make you memorable.  At first this one seemed a little frivolous to me.  What do you think?  It is pure marketing.  I know a real estate agent and coach who wears red clothes and a red hat.  I do remember her!  Food for thought.

Tom Wolfe                           Michael Gerber






What do you do to stand out from the crowd?


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