10 Ways to Stand Out from Other Law Practices and Make Your Firm Unique

Stand out in front of the crowd





What a competitive environment law practices are in right now!  There is no doubt that potential clients have lots of choices.  What makes them choose to work with you rather than other law firms?  How do you stand out from the others? Perhaps it is the way you run your practice or because of your own charisma.  I’ve written a list of 10 ways professionals differentiate themselves.   My list is a mix of practice related ideas and attorney related ideas.  Some combination of these or others will help your firm and you to standout from other attorneys doing the same type of legal work.

  1.  Great customer service – No one has a successful law firm that doesn’t give acceptable customer service.  To be a standout however you need to go above and beyond.  Returning calls when you have promised them, updating clients on a regular basis, getting the work done when you promise it will be done etc. Ask clients what exceptional customer service is for them and then meet their expectations.
  2. An office with a group of allied services – If you work with clients that regularly need related services, you could provide the services in your office.  You might share space with an accountant, a title examiner, or a social worker depending on your practice area.  I used the accountant my divorce attorney had in his office before, during and after my divorce. That was in over 30 years ago and I still remember the lawyer.
  3. Fixed fee for routine services you offer – Clients like to budget for attorney’s fees so if you can give a fixed fee for the service that you provide clients will remember you. If other attorneys are doing this in your area, then find something to include in the package that makes your offer even more attractive.  Lowest price is not the only way to distinguish yourself.
  4. Compelling story for choosing law – If you have a compelling story about why you chose law or a particular practice area and you publicize that story, it will become memorable for potential clients. The story needs to include something about how it impacts your practice today. As with all these you’ll need to use the story in your marketing and refer to it online and in print.
  5. Well known results that others talk about – If you have won a lot of cases, gotten big settlements, negotiated amicable divorces, you will set yourself apart from other lawyers.  Lawyers and law firms that win awards also standout from other practices.
  6. Humor – Some people have a type of humor that sets people at ease.  This can be a wonderful trait especially when things get tense.  Humor is often the only thing that can diffuse a tense situation.  Knowing how and when to use humor is a really wonderful skill that will help you to standout with your clients and potential clients.
  7. Expert advice on a blog – If you have a blog that is a resource of your clients, this can help differentiate you.   The blog will have to be popular and useful to your target market.  Blogging regularly will make you unique among your peers.
  8. Visible volunteer in a nonprofit – Working for a nonprofit is a great way to meet referral sources.  It becomes a differentiator for you when you are at a high enough level in the organization that you and your firm get mentioned frequently by others.
  9. Your office has a theme related to your interest – Whether you are a sports buff, opera lover, skier or a musical theater enthusiast, sharing that interest with your clients can differentiate you from others.   You can use a bookcase with memorabilia, pictures around the office or a wall of trophies.  I once worked for a VP who had a wall of pictures of himself with famous people.  It made him memorable.
  10. Unique and memorable dress – Think about Tom Wolfe and  Michael    Gerber.  Both like white suits and hats.  It does make them memorable.  At first this one seemed a little frivolous to me.  What do you think?  It is pure marketing.  I know a coach who wears red clothes and a red hat.  I do remember her!  Food for thought.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Michael Gerber                                   Tom Wolfe

What do you do to make yourself or your firm stand out?


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