Trip to New York City

statue of liberty3Last week I took a trip to NYC to see my children, grandchildren and a musical. I haven’t been to New York since last April. When my mother is with me during the summer I don’t leave her. Even though I lived in NYC for four years it never ceases to amaze me when I travel there how noisy and crowded it is. None of this seemed to bother me when I lived there.

I saw the play If/Then, a musical with Idina Menzel, written by the two men, Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey, who wrote Next to Normal. I was curious to see this musical because I found Next to Normal a bit unusual. The only person I spoke to that knew who Idina Menzel was was my granddaughter, Zoe. She told me Idina Menzel sang Let it Go in the movie Frozen and was the first Elphaba in Wicked. Zoe loves musicals as much as I do. While I preferred Next to Normal I did enjoy seeing If/Then. It was a bit confusing but the idea was creative and musical was different from others I have seen.


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