Got a vision? 10 ways to create one.

Whether you work for someone, have a business or are looking for a job, it is important to have a picture of exactly where you are headed – your vision.  What does the job or business look like when you approach your goal?  Your vision is a mental picture of where you are headed, and it should make your juices flow and your energy increase.     

You may find that you have two visions.   One would be a big vision of what you want for the world, and one would be a vision of the work you want for yourself.  Ideally, they fit together.  At first, they may not, however. 

Here are some ideas of what you can do to find your vision.  As the first idea says you need some alone time to work on any of these ideas. You do not need however to do all the steps.  Choose the ones that work for you.

1.   Set aside an hour or two of time alone in a quiet place. Some of you may find being outside in nature gives you inspiration.  Go to a place where you won’t be interrupted, and you feel very relaxed and open to ideas. Make yourself comfortable. 

2.   Close your eyes and think about how you want to change in the world.  Visions can be very big.  You might have lots of ideas.  Write them down. You might try this for several days to see which idea stays with you over time and gives you the most energy.

3.   If you own a business think about your business in relation to the changes you want to see in the world.  If you are in a career or changing careers think about the job you have or the one you want in relation to the changes in the world you want to make.  Is there an alignment?

Example:  The way I want to change the world is to make it a place where everyone gets to do the work he or she is passionate about and feel happy doing the work. My coaching business is designed to help people get more meaning and happiness from the work they do.

4.   What are your strengths, skills, talents and passions?  How can you use them to do your part in changing the world?  Do they fit with your business or career ideas?

5.   What are your values?  How do you honor them and work with them to do your part in changing the world?  You will receive a TruValues assessment when you subscribe to my email list.  Misplaced yours and want another? Email me at

6.   Write out a vision for your ideal job that is exactly what you want.  It doesn’t have to be a job you recognize.  It might just be a list of tasks you’d like to be doing.  Does this job incorporate your values, strengths, skills and talents?

7.   Use all your senses.   Draw a picture of your vision for your ideal job.  Cut out pictures from magazines to make a collage.  Sit quietly and picture yourself working at what you really want to be doing.  What does it feel like?  Taste like?  Smell like? What are the sounds you hear?  Is there a musical theme? (You probably won’t have an answer to all of these.  The purpose here is to have your own signal so that you can call up your vision easily to energize you.)

8.   Know that this process is non-linear. (I’d prefer a clear step-by-step path but I don’t think there is one to get to a clear vision.)   Treat the process as an experiment or puzzle.  The pieces will eventually fit together and make sense. Trust that it will.

9.   Carry a notebook with you and jot down ideas as they come up for you.  Your vision will eventually evolve.

10. Use your vision even if it is incomplete to inspire you.  If you are on the right track your intuition will tell you.  How?  You’ll feel enthusiasm around it in a way that energizes you.  That is what having a vision is all about!!

Need help?  I am happy to answer your questions about this exercise.  Sometimes another set of eyes can see what you can’t.  To set a time to talk with no obligation on your part, call me at 781-598-0388 or send me an email


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