10 Ideas from the Book The Secret


Several years ago there was a lot of talk about the book The Secret. It was on the best sellers list for a number of months. When a friend offered to lend me her copy, I decided I was curious enough to take it. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Skeptical at first I now realize that many of these concepts have been true in my own life. There are many I have discussed and used with clients. You may recognize some of these from previous lists. Here are 10 that have worked for me:

  1. Gratitude – Thinking about what is good in my life puts me in a much happier mood than thinking about what is not good. The author of The Secret says that when you think about what is not working in your life you attract more of it. Conversely if you think about and are grateful for the good in your life you will attract more of it. All the more reason to write a gratitude journal or just sit quietly for a few minutes and feel gratitude for all that you have.
    Alvah’s note: There are lots of things to be grateful for. For me it is the little things that give me pleasure-things I could miss if I wasn’t paying attention. For example my list today:

    • Sitting by my window as the birds come to my bird feeder. There is a cardinal that comes and eats the seed that falls to the ground. I am grateful for the cardinal who is bright red and always cheers me and the black and white chickadees that cluster around the feeder.
    • Listening to music. I just got a recording of the musical Anything Goes by Fats Waller. Hard to sit still through This Joint is Jumpin’
    • Watching my plants grow in the summer and enjoying their fruit and/or flower. In the winter I always have a vase of flower buds that I enjoy watching open up.
  2. Thoughts are things – Your thoughts have energy. In fact your life story comes directly from your thoughts. You frame your internal dialogue and picture of yourself in your mind. You get to write the plot of your life story. It is how you interpret your thoughts that make your story. You have the ability to have the story be wonderfully positive!! It’s the only way to go.
    Alvah’s note: If you have a loud inner critic as I do, this one is a challenge. It is worth the effort though to tame it so that you have a good positive story in which you are the hero.
  3. Become Aware – To understand if you are keeping your thoughts positive start to check periodically how you are feeling. If you are feeling good, you know that your thoughts are positive and you are happy. Now you are in the right frame to start to attract what you want in life. If you are not feeling good and are not happy, find ways to change your mood.
    Alvah’s note: For some tips on how to do this read my list Ten Ways to Help You Recover From a Bad Mood
  4. Know Your Life Purpose and Live it – If you know what your purpose is to do in life and find ways to incorporate that purpose in your life daily, you’ll be able to maintain that happy feeling and attract more of it into your life.
    Alvah’s note: Not sure of your life purpose? As a Certified Life Blueprint® Facilitator I guide people through a program that uncovers their true life purpose. Send me an email asparker@asparker.com if you are interested in finding out more about this program.
  5. Do the Work You Love – Find meaning and joy in the work that you do. This will keep you joyful about your contribution to the world.  Alvah’s note: See my note above. That same program will identify work that you love.
  6. Set Your Intention – Know what you really want in life. Whatever your goals are, you have the ability to make them happen. At this point you don’t have to think if these goals are possible or how you will make them happen. Your goals can be big or small – just set the intention without any negative or questioning feelings.
  7. Believe it is possible for you to achieve your goals – Again you don’t have to have a plan yet. You just must be able to believe enough in yourself and the universe to know that it is possible for this to happen to YOU.
  8. Meditate – Find some quiet time to just feel good about where you are and who you are. Think about all the really special parts of your life. Stay in that good place and breathe.
  9. Visualization – Imagine that you have achieved your goals. See yourself in the present accomplishing whatever it is that you dreamed about. Come back to this visualization frequently as though it actually is happening.
  10. Take Good Care of Yourself – If you feel as though you are sacrificing for someone or something else, you will be resentful. This will attract people and situations that cause more resentment. Find ways to love yourself first so that you can then love others fully.


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