“Old Age Is No Place for Sissies”

I have just returned from Florida.  I go once a month to see my mother.  At 99 my mother’s eyesight is suddenly failing.  She can no longer play bridge or read.  Long time readers of my newsletter will realize how devastating this is for my mother.  Through many many hospitalizations the one thing that kept her going was to get back to playing bridge again.  Reading, playing bridge and doing the newspaper bridge game were always a priority even when she was very very sick.  Now all that is impossible.

Bettie Davis said “Old age is no place for sissies”  and she was absolutely right!  It seems your world gets smaller and smaller.  My mother amazes me with her ability to adjust.  She is now ordering some talking books and while I visited we went to a low vision optometrist at Lighthouse for the blind in Palm Beach.  She now has a stronger magnifying glass so that she can read her Kindle when the letters are the largest possible size.  Flexibility and a positive attitude are so important in life.  She seems to be adjusting but we both are hoping her sight will return.  It is a possibility.


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