Work life balance contributes to positive attitude.

Having “work life balance” can be the foundation for a positive attitude.   The key here is to define what you mean by work life balance.  What makes the definition tricky to define is that work life balance really means something different to everyone.  How would you define it?

One way to define it is to ask yourself what does a work day that has perfect work life balance look like?  Write down what you would be doing and for how long you would be doing it.  Make an hourly schedule.  Remember to leave time to eat and sleep!

Now ask yourself who or what is most important to you?  Is it your work, your family, yourself, a hobby or a class you are taking?  Make a list with the most important on top and then each person or thing in descending order.

Look at your perfect workday schedule.  Does it reflect your priorities?  How would you change the schedule to reflect your priorities?  Is the schedule workable?

A client who was between jobs told me she wanted to spend more time with her hobbies and grandchildren.  Instead of looking for full time work which she had been doing her solution was to look for part time work.  As soon as she made that shift she easily found a part time job in her field close to her home.

Another client, an attorney, coached his daughter’s basketball team.  To accomplish this he decided  he had to set a firm boundary around his work hours.  This was difficult since he had a very busy practice.  On practice nights however he made sure he left his office early to be at the basketball practice on time.

I too wrestle with work life balance.  As the caregiver to my mother family has to come first. I was reluctant to tell my clients that I would have to respond immediately if she had an emergency during our coaching session.  When I got up the courage to tell my clients I realized how fortunate I am to have clients who understand my situation and value my coaching enough to accept my priority.

Sometimes people work so hard serving others that there is no time for themselves.  If you feel like you are sacrificing for your family and/or your job that will affect your positive attitude.   One way to address this is to change your priority list so you are first on the list.  Make sure to do something good for yourself each day.  Your ultimate goal is to be happy at work and at home.

In conclusion one way to insure a positive attitude is to know who and what your priorities are and then to make sure that your daily schedule reflects those priorities.   By doing this you will gain some clarity about your own definition of work life balance.

Need some help clarifying your own work life balance definition?  I’d love to partner with you to find your sweet spot.  Change your attitude and outlook today.  If you have been struggling with work-life balance then even just working on it will help you to feel more hopeful.  Call me at 781-598-0388 to discuss working together.


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