How networking can make you happy at work.

Tribe2Networking gives you confidence. One part of being happy at work is feeling confident in yourself and your ability. By meeting people you will learn what is going on in your business and others and you will meet people who can mentor you, introduce you to others, and advise you.   Here are 10 ways that networking can make you happy at work.

  1. You learn to feel comfortable meeting new people. You will get lots of practice engaging people in conversation. When you have relationships with lots of different people you’ll know you have backup and support if you ever need it. This will make you feel more powerful. Feeling powerful makes you happy at work.
  2. You develop the ability to stay present. Staying present means listening carefully without thinking of anything else. You remain totally focused on the person or group you are speaking to.   People appreciate being heard. It makes you more attractive to others.
  3. You learn to be friendlier and smile more frequently. Who doesn’t get butterflies when they go into a room of strangers.?! I know I feel angst. You’ll need to take a few deep breaths, allow yourself to feel grounded and then smile warmly and enter knowing you are going to make lots of new friends.   Introduce yourself to someone standing alone.
  4. You can improve your listening skills. Everyone thinks they have good listening skills but if you find yourself looking over the other person’s shoulder to see who is coming in or if you are thinking about what you are going to say next, you aren’t listening. Good listening habits are vital in any job. You can’t be happy at work if you are not listening carefully to your clients/customers, manager and your team.
  5. You learn ways to stay connected with people. Once you have met someone that you want to stay connected with it is important to follow up. Find ways to connect on a regular basis by sending them information, calling them and meeting them for coffee. Forming in depth relationships is what networking is all about. You want people in your network that are able to help you now and in the future. (This means you need to help them too!) Strive for a vibrant active network of successful people.
  6. You learn to tell people about yourself and your work. Wherever you go when you meet new people they will invariably ask you what you do. You need an elevator speech. Networking allows you to experiment with answering that question. You’ll learn what resonates with people and how to engage them. It also gives you an opportunity to use language that excites you about what you do. You may even find you are even more passionate about your work when you talk about it.
  7. You have relationships with people who can be mentors, partners, and colleagues. Once you have formed solid relationships with people your network is established. Having people in your network that you value and that serve as role models for you makes you a more interesting and confident person.
  8. You begin to see your own value and worth. When you see yourself reflected in what others say about you, it helps you to see your value and worth. Needless to say you want to strive for being your authentic self so the value and worth you see in yourself is who you really are.
  9. You have people who will help you if you lose your job. Everyone who loses his/her job starts to network. You can’t establish a solid trusting relationship in 20 minutes. Make sure you establish your network before you need to use it for finding a new job.
  10. You can stay current in your field and learn what is happening outside your own work situation. If you only talk to people in your own company you get pretty stagnant. Get a breath of fresh air by learning what others are doing and how they are doing it. Your network helps you to learn and grow. By networking with others something may spark your interest and passion. Go for it!!

Take Action:

  1.  What does your current network look like? It is said that we all know 250 people. Do you? Make a list of the people you know.
  2. Find yourself avoiding networking meetings. Do you feel stuck either by avoiding networking or not getting what you want when you network? I’d be happy to help you by exploring ways that will make you more comfortable with the process. Call me at 781-598-0388 or email me at Gain confidence and be happy at work through networking.

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