Finding Your Spark – 12 Questions

In my practice I help people to find the spark within themselves that energizes them and helps them to find a way to make their work more exciting and fun.  For some people identifying the spark is simple but for others it is not that obvious, and it takes work.

To begin the journey of finding the spark I suggest you ask yourself these 12 questions and write down your answers.  Find a quiet place where you can relax and focus on yourself.  Take time to breath deeply.  You will need to access your intuition and the best way to do that is to be relaxed.  Be open a to whatever comes up for you.

Be patient with yourself.  If nothing comes up for you with one question, go on to the next.  When you are done answering as many questions as you can, look over your answers to see if you see something you have never noticed before.  Stay with the answers for a few minutes and see what your intuition tells you.

  1. What are your Values? What is most important to you in life?  Make a list or use the assessment you received when you signed up for this newsletter.  Not an email newsletter subscriber? Go to my blog page  and scroll down to the list of articles.  You’ll see a sign up form on the right side of the page.   Subscribers, contact me at if you would like another copy of the assessment.
  2. What have you done that is easy for you and doesn’t feel like work? Others compliment you on it and you feel good when you are doing it.
  3. What skill or talent do you have that is fun for you? You enjoy using it and work hard to perfect it because you love using it.
  4. What change in the world do you see that is needed that you get emotional about? This change is important to you and you get angry that others are not attending to it.  You feel good when you are working in support of the change you want to make.
  5. What is it that you have been enjoying all your life and want to continue doing? Looking back to when you were a child what games did you play that you still want to play now.  Perhaps you have found a more adult way to play the game.
  6. What gives you energy each time you do it. You get excited when you are doing it.  You never get tired of it and you use the energy it gives you to continue doing it?
  7. What do you dream about doing that you haven’t shared with anyone? You can actually see yourself doing it but it seems so far out that you have never told anyone about it.
  8. What person, cause or project is worth fighting for? The cause or project gets you so worked up that you are willing to stick your neck out to get it done. It is a risk, but someone has to take it.  Why not you?
  9. What hobby do you have that you want to continue doing because you enjoy it so much? The hobby may give you a clue as to the type of things you enjoy doing. Some hobbies do turn into businesses, but most do not.
  10. What were you doing the last time you lost track of time? When you lose track of time you are usually lost in the work and enjoying the journey.  I’m not talking about a time when you were working to meet a deadline and time flies.  Maybe it was when you were on line and researching something.  Was it the research or the topic that captured you?
  11. What would you be doing on a perfect work day? Set aside time to write down exactly what you would be doing all day. Explore what makes this the perfect day.
  12. What inspires you? What gets you jazzed so that you can’t stand still?  Maybe it is a person?  What is it about that person that is inspiring?

Answering these may help you find the spark.  Keep in mind that you have a set of clues.  Your spark may come from something represented by your answers and not exactly what your answers are.


Finding your spark is not precise analytical work.  It can take intuition as well as trial and error.  A coach can help you to find your spark by asking you more questions and reviewing your answers with you.  A coach can often see what you are missing.  I’d love to be your coach for the journey.  Are you up for the challenge?  If so email me at to schedule a no obligation free call.  We’ll determine together if having a coach will help you find your spark.



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