Got a vision? 10 ways to create one.

Whether you work for someone, have a business or are looking for a job, you need a mental picture of where you are headed – your vision. It should excite you.

Build Trust-Let’s Get Back to Business!

It is hard now to know who or what to trust. Imagine how your customers or clients feel? It’s hard to be happy at work if there is no trust. Here are 10 ideas to regain the trust of your customers/clients.

Are You Feeling Burnt Out?

Burnout is a subject I am extremely interested in since many of my clients come to me because they feel they are becoming burnt out. How can you identify the causes of your burnout and then make changes in your life to eliminate those causes?

Ten Ways to Be More Authentic

Our authentic self is buried somewhere within us. To become more self-aware we need to find our true self. How do we do that? Here are 10 ways to begin to uncover who you really are.

Granddaughter meets Elizabeth Warren

Risk Versus Reward

My granddaughter took a risk and got what she wanted- a picture with Elizabeth Warren.

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