For Donald Trump It Is Winning. What Is It For You?

For those of you who read Parker’s Points this month you know my list was focused on becoming more self-aware.  If your desire is to be happy at work then you need to know what makes you happy.  A good place to start is to ask yourself who or what is most important to you at work -#6 on the list.

There are probably lots of things that are important to you but there is one that is most important at this moment.  You will want to think about your answer.  If you are uncertain what it is, you could ask other people to observe you and notice what you value.  For example lots of people have noticed that Donald Trump really values winning.  He uses the word a lot in speaking and just observing his behavior you can see he likes to come out ahead of everyone else.

Many people besides President Trump value winning.  It may not be your most important value but there is nothing inherently wrong with the value.  Having a person who finds winning most important on your team is an asset.  The sign of a good leader is when he/she understands what is most important to him or her (what his/her values are) and also senses the values of others.

If on the other hand if Trump’s most important value conflicts with what your most important value then it may be uncomfortable for you to work with him.  If for example your most important value is peace, then working in an environment where winning is valued might not be as peaceful as you would like.

During my tenure at AT&T I had a Branch Manager who valued winning above anything else.  Since she was head of a sales organization she was eager to win all the sales she could in the geographical area her branch covered to reach her quota.  (Isn’t that what you would want in a Branch Manager?)

While I shared her desire to win business my top value has always been to teach.  To honor that value I used a strength that I had – persistence.  This meant that although I would eventually make a sale it was a slow process for me.  This branch manager always criticized me for being too patient.

Since this happened 20+ years ago I’ve had time to reflect on what happened.  At the time each of us was sure she was right.  I was in the “patience is a virtue” corner and she came from the “time is money” corner.  In fact we both were right but for a different set of clients.

Some clients would appreciate a quick closing of the sale.  They were ready to make a decision and wanted swift action once they decided in AT&T’s favor.  Other clients needed to learn more and understand better how my solution would fit into their business.  I was the person who could nurture that sale.

A good leader understands that it takes people with a variety of values, strengths and skills to make a good team.  That leader is also aware that in hiring it is important to hire a diverse group not just a clone of herself.

Good leaders understand themselves first.  This enables them to begin to understand others and realize the importance of having a variety of people on their team. They see that it is possible to have a team where everyone can honor their own values, use their own strengths to the fullest and reach the team goals. When people work well together like this, their work feels meaningful to them and they are happy at work.

Still not sure what is most important to you?  I’d be happy to help you.  As your coach I work with you on becoming more self aware and then learning how others see you.  Interested in learning more about coaching?  Call me at 781-598-0388 or email me at


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