Congratulations to You!

woman holding tea cup sipping coffee and thinking about something-perhaps what she had learned in 2019.

The end of the year can be a hectic time.  You may be getting ready for the holidays, buying gifts or trying to reach the goals you had set for 2019.  I hope that once you have completed all that you need to or once there is no more time left, you will take some time to feel good about what you have achieved, what you learned and who you have become in 2019.

There is nothing more important than acknowledging yourself even if when you compare it to what others do it seems insignificant.  Stop comparing!  For example: I exercised twice a week almost every week in 2019.  Now I know there are others who do much more than that but for a sedentary person like me getting into motion twice a week is huge. 

What mistakes did you make in 2019 that taught you an important lesson?  I rarely clean my newsletter list.  Just recently my list serv vendor sent me a note suggesting I regularly delete subscribers who haven’t opened my email in a year.  It certainly isn’t something I do.  This month I did it for the first time in about 5 years.  Now I see that it improves my open rates and gives me incentive to actively build my list. In 6 months I plan to do it again and every 6 months after that.

What risks did you take this year that you are proud of?  For me it was taking my mother to Florida.  I knew the trip would be hard for both of us.  Since she got sick on the plane last year, I was doubly nervous.  I took the risk after careful thought about the risk and now that we are here, I am happy we did it.  She goes out for a walk every day and seems to have settled in quite well.  What about you?  Did you take a risk in your work or personal life?

What are you grateful for that happened this year? I added many more clients to my practice this year but more importantly the clients I added were perfect for my practice.  I love working with people who are focused and eager to get what they want.  When they get stuck, they are curious about why they are stuck and grateful to me when I ask them questions that help them to see a path they can take.  Most importantly they take the path and own the results.

It is rare these days for people to take the time to reflect and feel good about acknowledging themselves.  I have trouble with doing it myself.  Writing this article has been helpful for me.  Perhaps writing it down will work for you too.  The important thing is to block out some time to just sit and think about the past year.  Look at your successes big and small (They are all big!). Bask in the glory of those successes. Feel the glow.  It is important! It will give you the energy you need for 2020.  Happy New Year!

Coaching opportunity

Get the year off to a great start with the guidance of a coach.  Put the past year into perspective and set your intentions for the year ahead.  Email me to set up a no cost no obligation call to see if it would be worthwhile for us to work together. 


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