Ten Places for Quiet Reflection

The pandemic has created a new kind of busyness.  If you are working from home there is the never ending push/pull between your work and your family.  If you are working outside your home then you are busy commuting and trying to keep your home virus free.  Finding ways and times to just be quiet and reflective is difficult.  I know that I have to consciously carve out some time in my day for reflection and rest.  When I do it, I have to resist the guilty feeling that tells me I “ought” to be doing something more “productive”.  My most successful places for quiet reflection are:

  1. The Beach – I am a lover of the ocean.  The sound of the waves going in and out and the sea gulls calling to one another makes me feel peaceful and reflective.  Sitting by the ocean is one way for me to quiet myself.
  2. The Garden – I love to plant things and watch them grow.  Touching the earth and sowing seeds is therapeutic for me.  Maybe the metaphor of growth and renewal is at play here, but I can’t think a better place to get grounded! (Excuse the pun)
  3.  Watching the birds at my bird feeder – I can sit for hours watching the birds at my bird feeder.  I love to sip a mug of tea and watch them come and go.  Often a couple of cardinals will come by.  They rarely go to the bird feeder but seem to find some loose seeds on the ground.
  4. A Solitary Breakfast – I am a morning person and like the early hours before anyone else is up.  As a new mother I learned this quickly.  There never seemed to be time just for me.  I found getting up a half hour before the first cry from the baby let me capture some contemplative quiet time.
  5. A Meditation place – Got a spot near your office that you love.  Maybe a spot in the park or near a lake.  For those at home perhaps you have a spot in your home that is conducive to quiet reflection.  20 minutes in that place can give you a whole new perspective!
  6. Walking – For some just the rhythm of the pace they set is enough to get them in a reflective mood.  For others peaceful surroundings help quiet them.  Whether you need a country path or a gentle pace, walking can create some quiet space that allows you to reflect.
  7. Listening to Music – For me the music needs to be quiet with a gentle tempo that is conducive for reflection.  I love my show tunes but I can’t listen to You Can’t Stop the Beat from Hairspray without taping my toes and singing. Chopin’s piano music would be good for reflection.  What would work for you?
  8. Sitting Under the Stars – Many of us work past sundown so this could happen during the work “day”.  Looking at the stars and moon puts me in a different world and helps put give me perspective on my work and my life.  Instead of rushing outside to get where you are going, try stopping to enjoy the view for a few minutes.
  9. Shower or Bath – Now this is a private place where no one can get to you (unless you have little children) and the water alone is enough to relax you.  Taking a few minutes to shut off your busy mind and relax in your bath or shower is a perfect way to start or end the day.
  10. Journaling – Writing quietly for a few minutes every day can allow you to be reflective.  There are all kinds of ways to journal – stream of conscious writing, diary writing or just a list of the wonderful things that happened during your day that you are grateful for.  Try any kind of writing that keeps you away from thoughts of your “to dos” and allows you to be expansive and idealistic.
  11. On the telephone with your coach – Coaching too can be a place to reflect on what is happening in your life.  Having another person to hear your reflections is useful because the coach will notice your energy shifts and your mood swings.  We are usually so involved in what we are saying we don’t notice what is going on inside ourselves.  (Coaches need a coach for this too.) It is hard to do this for yourself. A coach can help you reflect more.  I’d love to be your coach.  Call me at 781-598-0388 or email me at asparker@asparker.com to express an interest. 

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