How to Survive a Toxic Environment

A toxic environment can make you feel helpless. You lose your vision of the future. You do not believe you can make a positive difference in the world.

Got a vision? 10 ways to create one.

Whether you work for someone, have a business or are looking for a job, you need a mental picture of where you are headed – your vision. It should excite you.

What is the Dream in Your Heart? Your Vision

Many people get caught up in what others dream and want for them. How many people became doctors because their parents wanted them to do it? They took their parents dream as their own without thinking about it. Sometimes that works out but sometimes it does not.

How to Look Forward to Monday.

How to Look Forward to Monday.

When I joined New England Telephone in August of 1982, I knew I was destined to be part of a new company at that time called AT&T Information Systems. In January 1983 the new company was born, and I was a member of its first sales force selling telephone equipment to businesses. The company was very entrepreneurial. Everything was new to everyone. We all had one thing in common though and that was a very strong desire to have this new company succeed.

Success With Resolutions

Success With Resolutions

If you have some resolutions for the New Year or if you set some goals for yourself or your business for the next year, here are some ways to keep yourself on track and focused

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